How to switch careers and still reach your retirement goals

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Careers switchers often make the mistake of not adjusting their market value accordingly and not appropriately anchoring their new numbers in compensation conversations with their potential employers, said Rachel Kim, a senior manager of the career advisory board at online lender SoFi.

“Your professional market value is not a fixed number – it is one that has to be adjusted not only with your education, experience and expertise, but also with the context of the market that you’re working in and the company you’re working for,” Kim said.

Career websites, such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn and PayScale, offer free online tools that can help you estimate what your pay will be if you change roles.

Boost your value to potential employers by highlighting your transferable skills, such as communications, teamwork and leadership, that apply across all fields and roles, said Blair Decembrele, a career expert at LinkedIn.

“With 59 percent of U.S. hiring managers struggling to find enough candidates with soft skills – capabilities such as interpersonal management and critical thinking – it’s important to showcase everything you’re bringing to the table,” Decembrele said.

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