Your bitcoin may be lost for good if you die without a plan for it

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  • Maintain an up-to-date list of your online accounts

Include everything from Snapchat to WhatsApp and even any virtual assets you may buy through online video games, said Poskanzer of Directive Communication Systems.

  • Decide who will handle those accounts

Name the people in your life who will take care of those accounts when you die, Everplans’ Schneiderman recommended.

“This is a project,” Schneiderman said. “You can do it bit by bit.”

  • Pay attention to the details

The person you name executor of your physical estate may not be the best person to handle your digital assets.

“Your wife may not be as well-versed in technology, so you might want a son or daughter to manage those accounts for you,” TrustedHeir’s Perkins said.

Facebook, for example, handles as many as 9,000 deaths per day, according to Perkins, and has clearly defined rules for memorialized accounts. Google, on the other hand, has a time-based trigger that will close your account if you don’t log in after a certain number of days.

  • Consider a password manager

Changing passwords and two-factor authentication can make it more difficult for your loved ones to access your accounts after you’re gone.

Timothy McGrath, managing partner at Riverpoint Wealth Management in Chicago, recommends that his clients use a password manager such as mSecure or Dashlane to help streamline account management.

You should also leave instructions for your executor on how to access those properties, McGrath said, including your cellphone and password manager.

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